Friday, August 7, 2009

In Sync!..with Happiness...

I drove my lovely coach to the edge this week... "ab"using her as a sounding "hit"-board.... for my 100+1 questions about what exactly it is that I would like to focus on as a coach, namely the "niche" I am going to target when I finally go "on-air"!

Little did I know that my "consciousness" would make a u-turn into "happiness" (after nodding off) at a midnight hour-class with Angela Bird ... let me explain....

The "Angel" from Australia (sounds misty and a bit misleading about her "well-rounded" nature, anyway bare with me) was discussing positive-psychology, basically ideas presented by Michael Argyle with regard to the different types of happiness, starting with hedonism (pleasurable activities in the form of constant drinking, dining...) moving into the more sustainable happiness that comes from working towards a purpose that connects to the ESSENSE of our being, while feeling the "flow" through working at tasks that slightly challenge our talents yet match them in "kind", and there it hit me....

A couple of weeks into coaching school, I have attended every one of the "Communities of practice" sessions (the business, the sales, the family...) all short of the spiritual community of practice, thinking I wanted something "more marketable" that I could describe with "quantifiable" terms, I was missing the excited attitude that I had towards my healing education... I used to go on for hours while people asked me one question after another about what is it that I am learning... how does it apply to so and so.... I was "engaged" and "engaging"... I have always wanted to help people find out what is it that drives them in life, find a purpose and meaning that arises from who they are as people, an aim that they desire and that works with consideration of how "perfectly" they have been "made" for it...

So yes... quantifiable or not...I AM going to work with Happiness!!! ...


  1. Good on You, Happy Ruba!

  2. Thanks Alina!! you are setting an example yourself :)

  3. It certainly sounds like it makes you happy, Ruba.
    That's probably the ultimate form of happiness: the one we get from making people happy.

  4. Hello Serge!! It was fun to have you suffering of "Celebration" with me this morning :) thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hey Ruba,
    When I was going through a rough time in my life - trying to decide whether to stick with a situation or move on from it - I told my therapist that I was going to "give it six months and then take some time out to assess whether I was happy or not".

    He said to me that "Happiness" is such a subjective, and can be fleeting, emotion and what I should really be doing is writing down at the beginning of the six months what kind of person I want to be and then at the end of the six months, ask myself whether this situation allowed/enabled me to be that person...

    I thought at the time it was very sage advice - and now as a coaching student, I realise it was coach advice.

    I think your plan sounds fantastic.

  6. Thanks Justin, I am not sure if it is a final plan as yet, I am still bordering on relationships, maybe happiness in relations... but I am more 'confident' in what I might offer i guess, I am really happy to have stopped by Angela's classes...