Wednesday, July 8, 2009

on ur marks...ReSET....BLOG!

Ok I am laughing at this start, wondering if I have chosen the right name and the usual things I am sure all of u serious bloggers out there have been through already.

Just hoping its a start of something fun :) wish me luck whoever is reading this here!


  1. VERY creative name :) Good Luck.. I wish you all the best xoxo

  2. Zaina! coming from u, this remark is exactly what i needed :)))

  3. Dear Ruba,

    I'm impressed by your blog posts. Congratulations on a great and quick start. You really enthused me to resume my blogging. It's been a while (remember the enforced vacation mode :) hehehe )

    Great ideas you have there. Keep it rolling. Oh and thanks for being a follower on my Blog. Just noticed it.

    Much love

  4. Hi Dania, thanks for stopping by, its great to c ur back, I look forward to reading you again ;) "C" u in class soon hopefully