Thursday, July 9, 2009

'What do YOU want?'

'What is it that YOU want?' Quoting Veronika Noize, Practice leader of the Business Community at the International Coach Academy (ICA, my new school), and 'Coach to the Stars' as per her twitter account. This question is her standard answer to finding your own personal solution for life and business challenges.

I was listening to an audio recording of one of her interviews and doted on her definition of a Coach 'Your Professional Best Friend' she says, 'It's someone who helps you clarify your dreams, and find out not only your goals, but also who you are'! very well said.

I have been asked this question several times (what exactly is a Coach) and my answer was mostly a definition of what a personal/business coach is NOT. In coaching as opposed to psychological counselling for example (where you are asked to re-live emotional traumas and feel victimized over and over again), a coach helps u throw-away the blame, and gradually understand how your conscious/subconscious belief system (and thus actions) recreate the same unfavorable situations over and over, thus EMPOWERING you to actually change your EXPERIENCE of the world around you, from within your SELF .

Another service that coaching is often confused with is the consulting business, where you are basically given out standardized answers to your OWN business emulations, where as in coaching, you are driven to formulate YOUR own answers from the deep wisdom within your being, which leaves you more satisfied and confident in facing forthcoming situations.


  1. "you are driven to formulate YOUR own answers from the deep wisdom within your being"

    Well said ruba,, can not wait to learn more from the master..

  2. Thanks very appreciated coming from you dear!