Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Particular Case of Writer's Block!

Trying to get this post complete for the last few days, I have three drafts in place, hmmm, what "IS" the reason for this typical case of "writer's brainlock"?

In a class about UACs (Underlying Automatic Commitments) or what EFT would call Psychological Reversal and Munira would term subconscious beliefs... all with reference to the same concept, "an underlying compulsive thought contradicting our articulated (conscious belief/decision or goal if you might say), that holds us back from doing what we confirm that we want to do"...

This subliminal demon in the form of a particular fear, guilt, affirmation, internalized negative comment,or (as it is in this specific case) the famous demoralizing "fear of failure"-partially of not writing something upto par, something that is intelligent and fascinating, afraid to repeat myself, bore out my small audience- but mainly, worry of disappointing my super egotistical writer self!

How about you, what is it that's stopping you from "going to that interview", "sticking to your health plan" or simply saying "I am sorry"...

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