Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What would I miss?

I received this link with the EFT newsletter, it touched me to the core... but I will keep my rambling about the power of the human mind to the minimum...

What it got me thinking though... as I was listening to the trinkling of the summer rain outside my window... is what is it that I would miss if I lost one (or more) of my senses, I took a few minutes to close my eyes... my ears... my nose... or is it when we stop listening/seeing/tuning to the world around us... we probably can listen..see.. tune more internally...

I learned to use my perception of what is happening around me (and around my clients in a session) to learn about what's happening within, as I strongly believe its all there to teach us more about what we need to know... is it possible that a person who has lost a sense is already beyond needing it... and that his access to the next level of power within is letting go of feelings of victimization and opening up to new possibilities... well, seeing this young man.. is believing ...


  1. my friend, my dear friend, I really dont have a clue about coaching but I have been hearing this word alot these days and found out that one of allied companies offering this service in presentation we doing tomoroow for AL DAR and I was sure I read about somewhere when I found out that I have only one friend crazy enough to go into such things , offcourse you :)
    so I want to inform you formaly that next time we meet I will have some background about abra kadabra that you do ;)

  2. Hey anonymous,I am just guessing :))) from the abra kadabra!! can u sign, lol!

  3. i really love your blog and your writings & i'm enjoying them very very much...they are an eye opener...

    love u..

  4. U have always been my inspiration Mais, thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Ruba..this blog is amazing!

  6. Dima, you are amazing yourself, the world can learn a lot from you "world youngest international executive";)) start saying something, kisses