Monday, July 13, 2009

"The best things in life are..." hmm actually For a FEE

The discussion in the 'Trial Session' Class today was basically about this, do u give a complimentary first session to the client, allow a discounted price, or skip this step completely...

It has become standard practice among coaches to invite you into a trial session, to test the coaching relationship and decide if it is right for you before investing a one month or a quarterly fee... fair enough, but what does a 'free' trial session expected to turn into... a marketing session on the 'time account' of both the client and the coach -who's best efforts would be focused on impressing a potential client, that is! Maybe this is not completely true but I do agree with the school of thought that focuses on a fair exchange of energy, only then will you as a service provider be able to give the best that you have... or else at the end of the day, these efforts will only serve to deplete you of your motivation, to say the least.

This is not against the beautiful value of gifting (offering something with the 'SOUL' purpose of giving) which opens the door for unintended and unlimited receiving when done with the pure intention of philantropy! but how many of us can attest to our "pure" intention in any business exchange...

So, I am offering a 'complimentary session', to test out the concept (as a homework :)) so if you or anyone you know would like to try out one typical coaching session with me... You are most welcome! to take me up on my offer!


  1. Ruba,
    I can be your in America thought me to take advantage of whatever is offered to you for free although you need to keep in mind that something will eventually come up and bite you...Lol nothing is free...really!!

  2. LOL! just hoping this won't bite, I would love to try a coaching session with you, here is how it will go, if it works for both of us, you could continue to recieve 12 free coaching sessions next (I have to do this work as part of my studies and I am continuously getting better at it :)) so if you like my offer, please send me an email to,

    much love,

  3. Rubaaa,

    I would love to be your 1st client even if I have to pay millions!!

    Sorry for my late post but got busy with work! let me know when can we start if Ill be chosen :XX



  4. Damdoom :) inti 3arfeh innik welcome anytime, thanks for passing by xoxo