Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why we DIG!

Trying to translate to a client/friend on an early friday morning ... why is it that our results in life are the great grandchildren of our unrealized thoughts... and why do we really need to go there... (mind you, she was not buying into my simplistic like attracts like story that was out with THE SECRET and could have made our lives... and conversation much more amicable... just kidding here of course!)

Translation... we start making "emotional" decisions about life, as soon as we come to the world...problem is they are too much to handle then... thus, we decide to forget the related memories and are left with the unconscious impressions that we made... and that start directing our lives through directing our actions and reactions to what and who we deal with, and as actions do get external reactions... yes we do get results... seemingly unwanted... but completely directed by 80% of our being (the unconscious mind)...

Another way of seeing it, is what our NLP masters have been preaching about, the RAS (it is in the head and its a real accronym for a really long name so lets just keep it at that), works like a sieve of information (as we recieve what they claim to be more than 2M bits per second)... makes sense to have to be picky on what we want to register... so yes we pick and choose to see, hear, touch, feel... basically EXPERIENCE life... based on the sieves that we apply in our RAS...

hmm... so HOW do we change our EXPERIENCE of life... by changing the sieve... the believes and perspectives through which we see life, and that are born from ideas, thoughts and impressions that have been given enough "food for growth" whether real or imagined.... and have become the lense through which we are able to see life...

So... going DIGGING anyone!


  1. Digging all the time Ruba. This is how I help myself grow :)
    I've been using a lot of affirmations lately to change my limiting beliefs. It works wonders. you're right, our ingrained belief (sometimes unconscious) direct our actions. Dealing with these by replacing negative self-talk by positive ones daily is serving me well ;)

  2. :) I love this approach of redirecting the thoughts to the positive! thanks for bringing the "How to" into this space :*

  3. "HOW do we change our EXPERIENCE of life... by changing the sieve" - that is my treasure from this post, I try to find sieve first and then the experience can be understood and changed. Digging is powerful :) thanks Ruba,

  4. Thanks Alina :)... on this post, many people were actually intimidated by the fact that there was so much to look for... if only we think of it as one bite at a time, and a life-time available!

  5. Would love to be reading more of your reflections Ruba. It's been a while. Where are you hiding?

    Your readers are thirsty for more.... :):)
    Hope all is well sugar :)


  6. amazing Dania, thanks, I have been bogged down with my new website, working on getting it running in the next two weeks... been lazy with blogging in the midst of all that but i definitely miss it and thanks for noticing... greatest coach :))

  7. Digging all the time Ruba. This is how I help myself grow