Thursday, September 10, 2009

What do you mean by Faith!

You might have probably heard "anonymous" say... that when the student is ready, the teacher arrives...and when the teacher is ready... the student arrives... hmmm... aren't we all though... perpetually... students-in-progress...

It is also said, the teacher is there "within us"...or... maybe this teacher is actually WITH us... incarnated in the faces of "people" we meet in our thought-juxtapositions!

I still find this "synchronicity" or the way that life reveals its "scripted" sequence of events, magnificent in its perfection (even though this process has been triggered for me a few years ago, sometime after I started at MNSHS)...

In a discussion with my amazing peer client the other day... he proposed that the coaching relationship is a dance... the beauty of which comes from the involvement and skill... of both people involved... but again... isn't it also a solo performance... where you "as a coach" are allowed within the safe space of its creation...

But to "DO" what exactly... to answer this, it was AB again last night with her BEing...replying to my un-aritculated wondering..."it is but the pure old FAITH... trusting the process while it unfolds to perfection"...

And what this meant, to my step by step mind is:

The issue: An attachment to a specific outcome that massages our ego "I" CAN help!

The unwanted result: "I", is focused on performance, rather than on the process (insecurites, fears, perfectionism, competitiveness... all come in the way)

Solution: Replace the habit, give your busy mind something to do! "LISTEN" with all your senses to your teacher at the moment (yes you are the coach but to you, he/she IS the teacher at that moment... )

and till we meet again...


  1. This post resonates so much with my strong conviction of the powers of both: belief & expectations (both boiling doing to have faith).

    Yes, without faith, our achieving the results we aspire remains minimal. And without sharing our journey with someone else, it wouldn't be so much fun!! We learn & teach along the way :)

    It was great to finally 'meet' you in 2 classes yesterday. I had to restrict my impulse from shouting: HEY RUBA!!

    you have the sweetest most serene voice ever :)


  2. Thanks Dania... it was definitely heart warming to hear your voice in class (I was wondering how come we never cross path) but then again, I am only in AB and RN classes, two extreme approaches that find a balance within me...

  3. I agree with Dania, your voice is beautiful :)and your posts are brilliant IT'S EASY TO FOLLOW YOUR VOICE IN YOUR WRITINGS :)

  4. Both of you are so "beautiful", thanks Alina... It was a great conversation with you the other day, your clients are really lucky!

  5. "hmmm... aren't we all though... perpetually... students-in-progress..."
    Indeed - and that's why I believe that everyone who enters our life is here for a reason, either we have something to teach or learn from them.

    Interesting blog btw :)

  6. Thanks australian sites :)... I am actually updating it now on my website and you definitely have an interesting space of your own!