Monday, September 7, 2009

Count to ...a hundred!

In life... generally... a virtue of patience is either a gift, or a costly purchase acquired through set-backs along the hurried road to accomplishment... either way, its an acquirement and a wade through the -rather awkward- waters of change...

In one of ABs classes this week, we have been invited into yet another tool... a "skill assessment matrix", that is used to rate an ability, based on a number of skill evaluation criteria... (e.g if we are evaluating our skill of active listening, one of the evaluation criterias would be the ability to summarize and paraphrase what is being said), the different levels of competency will show as follows:
  • Knowledge (I know I can demonstrate my listening through paraphrasing what I hear in proper intervals),
  • the ability to implement the knowledge (I am able to paraphrase...) moving on to
  • the ability to assimilate and transfer this knowledge (through educating, coaching) and finally
  • reaching a level of integration that requires no conscious awareness while doing a certain skill... as the skill becomes part of who you are...
So what does this have to do, with patience... its the fact that I realized, that knowledge transference (through reading, coaching, teaching...) does not factor the time necessary to allow me (or others) to move into the next level of implementing this information in my life, no matter how willing I might be to do so or how much it sounded convincing at the time...


  1. Patience is a skill itself!! some are talented by nature and some needs to work on developing such skill, but i believe all the effort and time spent on such devyelopment is all worth it after all , the fruit is tasty!

    beautifully written Ruba!

  2. You will be surprised, at times Ruba, to discover that you are actually applying something you heard or learned some time ago. I understand that we may not realize it, but sometimes ideas remain in store until it is time to put these in action :) Stay patient my friend, you know more than you think you do.... :)

  3. Thanks Salma :) totally agree with the tasty fruit... will talk to you soon!

  4. So true Dania, totally! but they also seem to hide in all the wrong places when I need them sometimes ;) BLESS YOU!

  5. So very very true Ruba!!! I wish knowing this could save me from being impatient :) but maybe it will help me to start being impatient ...later :)

  6. Great reflections, Ruba!

  7. But Alina, I do believe you are the most patient coach ever (not to be confused with the most inspiring and action oriented too :))... thanks for passing by

  8. Thanks Maria, its always a pleasure to read your posts...